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英语教师面试常见问题及答案 篇一


how long have you been teaching?

回答:i have been teaching for.。.


did you have any experiences teaching inelementary school/primary school?

回答:yes, i did. or no, i didnt.


how are you going to give lessons to littlekids?

回答:i think i am going to use all kinds ofmaterials that are available like cd player, pictures, word cards,tv, magazines, games ects in my lessons. i am going to usedifferent teaching meathods to help children with differentlearning styles.


can you demonstrate one lesson?

回答:sure. if i teach days of the week, i willteach children a song: sunday, monday.。.(用twinkle twinkle littlestar 的tune)


what is the difference between teachingelementary school children and the junior high school children?

回答:well, when teaching little kids a teacherhas to be more has to use lots of songs, games, bodylanguage to help student learn english.the forms of each lessonshould be different.

teaching junior high school kids is a littlebit different. i can introduce some grammer. i can give them morewritten work and i can have more discussions with the children.

英文面试问题及答案 篇二

问题1: what would you say are your good qualities?


i'm worthy because…

i was responsible for some of the most significant achievements and i attribute that to the fact that i'm thorough and i always do my homework before every transaction…

i have great interpersonal skills…

i consider myself pretty creative when it comes to problem-solving…

问题2: tell me a little bit about you?


over the last xxx years, i've managed…

it's quite a great deal of looking into the finer details of every business transactions…

i'm the type of person that puts an emphasis on…

… quite honestly, i believe it's that exact quality that increased the productivity…

问题3: supposing you're the right man for the job, how much do you see yourself earning per annum?


i believe that's xxx would be fair…

it would be nice that if in the future there would be room for further consideration…but for now, i think that's fair.

问题4: describe to me if you could, your weaknesses please.


sometimes i might ask a lot of questions before a new project…only because i want to make sure i understand everything completely beforehand.

。.。 i realize i was too xxx. but i did handle similar things differently since then.

问题5: why did you leave your last job?


i want to concentrate on the particular professional aspect this job is offering.

i feel i have much more to contribute in that area.

问题6: what did you like most about your previous position?


i like managing a team / leading a team…

i like the team unity / team spirit …

英语面试问题及答案(精选 篇三

1、can you work under pressure?or were you ever under a great deal of pressure?


yes, i can! because when i was in college, i served as the vice minister of the sports department. and there are a lot of activities which are held by the sports department. so i have accustomed to working under strong pressure. i am most impressed that the school sports meeting,which is one of the most large-scale activities in my college, basically it is made arrangements by the sports department from start to finish. it includes many details, such as arranging the location of each class, arranging the order of admission to the opening ceremony,arranging the time of every kind of competitions and so on. so i believe i can 。

2、what is your greatest strength? what are your assets?


my biggest advantages are my strong will and endurance to the things i like, of course, they are not natural. i was a long-distance runner in the past. and while i was running in the runway, no matter how tired i was, i would never stop running i would tell to myself that i can not stop. if i stop, i will be a real loser. on the contrast, if i insist on running to finish the competition, even though i am the last runner to across the finish line, i will still fell proud of myself. because i won myself.

3、what is your greatest weakness?


my biggest drawback is that i am a little stubborn. i am always insisting on my own opinion. i will not consider other’s advice until i found that i run against the wall.。 but because of my stubbornness, i become a person who have strong will and indomitable character.

4、what have you done to correct your weaknesses?


at present, i will consider the advice which is given by the people around me first and find the best way to solve the problems.

5、have you ever failed?


in fact, i was growing up accompanied by the failures. it is failures which leads me to success. only after the mistakes, i can understand the right things better. i have always thought that it was not good if one's life always goes well. an easy life can lead people to become fragile and vulnerable, so failure is one of the most important teachers in my life.

6、 what is your biggest failure?


my biggest failure was that i was too confident to succeed. when i was in the middle school, all the students was preparing for the final exam. i also managed to reviewing all the courses. but i reviewed in my own way and ignored the importance which is given by my teachers. so i got a bad result in the exam. this bad result hit me greatly which made me know that i should regard other’s experience as the sun which can take me to the brightness.

7、how do you handle failure?


at present, i have learned how to face failures. i will adjust my attitude well when facing failures. i should regard the failures as a further step to the success. and find the reasons for failures to make sure that i will not make the same mistake any more.

8、how do you handle change?


there is nothing that will always keep the same in the world. in fact all the things are changing with the time passage., including me. i need to learn the good things and change my own bad habits with growing up. this is so called the transformation of life.

when you are in charge, how do you motivate people?

9、when you are in charge, how do you motivate people?

要想激励自己的员工更努力的工作,首先要让员工体会到,员工和企业是利益共同体(community of interests),是彼此共同进退的关系,我们共同努力的目标只有一个,让企业变得更强大;其次,因为每个人都有不同的需求,所以还要了解什么是他们目前最需要的,如何让他们的需求得到最大的满足,以此来激励员工更努力的工作。

to motivate the employees to work harder, on the one side we should make the employees understand that the interests of employees and enterprises are the community. in fact the employees and the enterprises have to make progress together. we should work hard to make our enterprise to become stronger, so that we also will benefit more. on the other side, we should manage to know about the need of the employees and to satisfy them. if the employees are satisfied with the company, they will work harder.

10、describe a time when you resolved a conflict?or how do you handle conflict?


conflict may appear when two people do not agree with each other. and for some things, we can not tell who is right or wrong. so when the conflict appears, i will consider other’s view first and then to find a point of view which can be accepted by each other. but basically i will change into another subject to avoid the conflict.

previous employment

11、what is the hardest thing you ever did in your current job?


if i like the job, i do not think there will be any difficulties in the job. on the contrast, if i think this job is difficult, the main reason for that is that i am not interested in it. if i do not like this job, even though the job is easy, i will also feel difficult too. just like before, i was a salesman of health care product. some people think that it is difficult to sell a product. but i do not think so. i would like to make people know something about the product by my introduction. and i will be proud if the people buy them because of my persuading. and i also like to increase my power of persuading in many different ways so that i can feel my self-esteem.

12、do you consider yourself a loyal employee?


if i really love the career i choose, i will be one of the most loyal employees in the enterprise. i will put all my energy in to the work and devote my life to the company.

13、what did you like about your last job? or what have you learned from previous jobs?



i was a salesman in the past. it was my first job which makes me know that the role i play in the society. and it also teach me how to become a service-oriented staff in the world. i deeply appreciate the purpose of the service sector: customer is god.

14、what did you dislike about your last job?

没有发展空间,我不能一辈子只做推销员,我有我自己的人生理想,我要去实现我的人生价值。i do not think the salesman will have a bright future. i have ideals. i am going to fulfill my value of life

15、what was your favorite job? why do you want to be a flight attendant? what part of being a flight attendant interests you most? what is the best part of being a flight attendant?


stewardess is one of my favorite jobs. this job can take me to different parts of the world to experience the local culture, to see new things that i have never known, to meet different kinds of people in different careers and so on. as we known, the life is limited, so we need to expose ourselves to the new things to feel wonderful of life.

16、what was your least favorite job?


i do not like the work of scientific research. in my opinion, this kind of job is boring. compared with scientific research, i prefer to communicate with people. just like the old saying, traveling is better than reading ten thousand books. journey is not as good as reading countless people.

17、how long will you stay with our airline? what kind of contributions will you make to our airline?


first of all i have to say i love this profession, so i would like to devote all to this career till i can not contribute anything to this job. i will manage to fulfill my duties without any complain.

18、what would your coworkers say about you?你的同事是怎么谈论你的?



my friends said i am reliable, because i will fulfill all the promises that i made. i will not make a promise if i can not do that. my friends also think i am an easy-going person. because i like to consider the problems on the other’s point of view, i can make friens with different kind of people.

19、what would your previous supervisors say about you?


he said i am a positive person with strong sense of responsibility. i can over fulfill the task, so he also think i am a good employee who has ability.

20、what were the people like at your last company?


everyone there is friendly. they would greet me with smile every morning. they will never isolate anyone and there is no cheating between them. i like to work with them i feel happy to work under this situation. when i feel sad, my colleague there will encourage me to make me feel that i am not lonely. i get along with them well. we are like a family.。

21、what did you dislike about your last employer?


i like my last boss. he is enthusiastic with strong ability of organization. he is an easygoing person with good economic mind and treats every staff. well. all the people will like him if they know about him. 。

22、if you could change one thing about your last employer, what would it be?


i do not think he needs to change anything. he is very nice.。if i have to choose one, i hope that he can become thin, though he looks cute now.

23、were you satisfied with your performance at your last job?


yes, i am satisfied with my performance. i managed to do the things that i should do and treated every people around me sincerely. i have done my best to help my colleagues and have never done something regretful.

24、was your previous employer satisfied with your performance?


i think he is satisfied with me. because i always have a good attitude toward the job and fulfill the task he arranged to me in advance, and do my best to bring benefits to the company.

25、have you ever been fired?


never. salesman is my first job. i resigned two months ago.

26、have you ever been asked to resign from another job?


i did not have such experience until now. but i believe i can find a better job because of my ability.

27、can we check your references? andwhat will your references say?你的证书能说明什么?


28、how many sick days did you take last year?去年你请了多少病假


my healthy condition is good. i am healthy. i have never asked for leave because of sickness last year.

29、is this typical?(这是什么面试问题,没看懂)

personality and motivation

30、do you consider yourself a success?


the meaning of success is broad. for me success is to fulfill the goal that i have set. i will depart my ultimate goal in to many small goals. and realize these small goals one by one so that i can get my ultimate goal in the near future.

31、what kinds of decisions are most difficult for you?


32、why has it taken you so long to find a job?


33、what are your outstanding qualities?你的优秀的品质是什么?what are your qualifications?


34、what interests you most about being a flight attendant?


how the company arranges holidays for the staff. and how many days i can have to sit together with my parents.

35、what can you do for us that others can't?(不知道怎么回答)

36、describe a difficult problem you've dealt with.

37、 how important is appearance?


the appearance is important for a girl. but compared with the appearance, the inner beauty is more important. just as we know, if the appearance is a letter of recommendation, the inner beauty is a credit card.

38、what do you think will be the biggest challenge of being a flight attendant?


the biggest challenge for being a flight attendant is that they need to be willing to serve for others and like to devote. a flight attendant must provide the best service for the passengers and improve the image of his or her company 。so he or she can bring more benefits to the enterprise.

39、 do you have any natural talent or skill, something that comes easy to you?


my passion and affinity are natural. i do not need to pretend to be friendly. i think it is si-mp-le to communicate with others. if you treat the people around sincerely, there will be no indifferent between us. i believe everyone can become friend.

40、what do you like to do in your spare time?


even in his spare time, i did not stop learning, because my major is human resource management, so i like to read some books about management, i like to study how the company runs, and how to make the company more powerful.

41、how would you handle an abrasive captain or coworker?


if she is a nice person and what she said and did is well-intentioned, even her expressing way is not appropriate, i can accept her. i will also give her good suggestions in a appropriate way

42、。have you ever been described as stubborn or hardheaded? by whom?

是的 ,我曾经被我身边的人曾为小顽固,尤其是我的闺中密友,她很了解我,她知道我所有的秘密,包括我的固执也被她看的一清二楚,因为我的固执,她不只一次的劝我让我改一改,我也试着照她的话去做,才发现原来有些事真的没必要去执着到底,试着看淡一些事反而活得更轻松!

yes, i have been thought as a stubborn person, especially one of my close friends. she knows about me well. and at the same time, she knows all the secrets of mine. so she knows i am very stubborn sometimes. she often persuades me to change this character. i have also accepted her suggestion to try to do this. so now i have known that i do not need so persistence in some matters so that i can be more flexible.

43、do you ever freeze in social situations?


yes, i did have such an experience. i remembered that once while i was in the college, the date for exam was getting closed, i concerned on the study and ignored the roommates. so i gradually find that i am frozen. so i understand i should make progress in the study with my friends together. anyhow, i should not ignore the friendship. we need to strengthen the communication with friends so that the friendship will be everlasting.

44、have you ever worked with someone who talked too much? how did you handle it?


my manager of my last job has asked me to complete a task with one of my colleagues. but from the beginning of the work, this colleague kept complaining the things that made her unsatisfied from the beginning. she did not do anything until the time was not enough. at last i have to complete it by myself,otherwise i will be affected because of this. after this job, i told my colleague in appropriate way that she should divide live and work in two part, or it will not only affect your own work, but also will influence others’。

45、are you skilled at sizing people up?(什么意思)

46、have you ever been part of a problem?

47、have you ever had to support the directives of higher management, even when you disagreed with it?


i did not meet this problem until now. if the management follows the principal, i will accept the management. i may give her or him some suggestions if necessary. but if the management is not good for the benefit of the company, i will report it to the higher leader.

48、have you ever stolen something?


no, never. it will offense the laws whatever you steal. and i think i only feel happy when get the things by my own ability. if i seal something, there must be sense of guilty in my heart.

49、have you ever lied?


i did lie before. but the lie is well-intentioned. my purpose for lie is to stop my friends’ sadness. and as to other things, i do not think it is necessary to lie, or you have to lie a second time for the first lie.

50、have you ever found a work policy or rule to be distasteful? how did you handle it?


since i am willing to work for this company, i will comply with all the enterprise system, even if some system may make people dissatisfied, i will still fully accept with no blame.

51、have you ever been tempted to break a work rule or policy? what did you do?


since i am an employee of the company, i will accept all the systems specified by the enterprise.。 so i will not be encouraged break the systems. if i found someone others break the systems, i will stop, them doing this. i will do my best to maintain the interest of the company.

52、why do you want to work for our airline?(上网查)

53、what kind of experience do you have?


i was a sailor before. so i had good ability of communication. and this ability is necessary for severe-oriented people.

54、are you willing to be based wherever the company sends you?


yes, i will obey company’s arrangement. i believe the organization will do the best arrange for the whole enterprise. so i will absolutely accept.

55、what would you like to be doing ten years from now?

56、why should we hire you?


i will bring potential benefit for the company because of my current ability and good attitude to service. i believe i can bring a lot to the company.

57、what are your qualifications?


i love this career,i would like to serve for others. if one not wants to do so, he or she will not become a good severer. there will be no passengers that will hate the people who are sincere to them. our responsibility is to provide the best service to make passengers satisfied. 。

58、what is your biggest accomplishment?


when in the college, i did a part-time job in a fast food restaurant as a waitress. i remembered that one day two customers began to quarrel when they were in the queue. the quarrel disturbed the atmosphere of the restaurant. it was difficult to calm them down. so i ask two security officers to pull them apart. i asked other customers around them about the issues in time. i found it was a misunderstanding. so i explained to the two customers separately to avoid a worse situatin.

59、what are your career goals?


my major is human resource manager. so my target is the manager of human resources who is responsible for corporate and perfect human resources.

60、how does a flight attendant job fit into your career goals?


everything starts in a low place. firstly i should fully understand the career of flight attendants. only after that can i become a qualified manager of flight attendants. i believe i can recruit the best staff and inspire their potential ability to bring the most benefits to our enterprise.

61、what personal characteristic best describes you.


i have sense of responsibility. only if leaders give task to me, i will complete it in time. and if i promise to my friends, i will never break my promise.

62、do you prefer to work alone or with others?


i prefer to work with others. the more people there is, the more wise there will be. so it will be easier to find the most suitable way to solve the problem. furthermore i like to communicate with others, so i will not feel lonely.

63、do you consider yourself a team player?

是的 ,我是个具有团队精神的人,正所谓众人拾柴火焰高,我相信集体的力量要比每个人单独的力量加起来还要大,因为团结在某种程度上能激励人们更努力的工作,却让人不觉得乏味,这就是人与人之间为什么要合作的原因。

yes, i have spirit of team player. i believe collective strength will be stronger than personal strength. to some extent, unity can inspire people to make more efforts in work without boring. this is why we should co-operate with the people around me.

64、describe your team style.


i hope my team is passionate and enthusiastic rather than nagative. the most important is that the players in the team should strike for the same goal.

65、what kind of people do you prefer to work with?


i hope the one who work with me has a good attitude toward life. he or she should be honest, open-minded, kindhearted, and easy to get along with. so that we can make progress together. i believe when you touch black, you become black, when you touch red, you become red.

66、describe your personality?


i am active and naturally kind-hearted. i like to take care of the people around me. when my friends need help, i will do my best to help them without considering gains and losses. and i have strong sense of responsibility without giving up easily. i also like to challenge consistently to make further progress

67、how do you handle criticism?、


silence is golden. needless to say, first, what, the situation worse, then i will be so calm down and discuss it. however, i accept the constructive comments.

68、were you ever unfairly criticized?


69、are you willing to learn a foreign language?


70、are you a leader or a follower?


71、what kind of employee are you?


72、what was your favorite subject in school?


73、what was your least favorite subject in school?


74、tell us about your leadership skills.


75、whom do you most admire?


76.whose leadership qualities have you most respected? have you incorporated his/her leadership qualities?


78.what do you think are the most important components of a practical leadership philosophy?


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